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GeoEye:Google Launches Own Satellite, the GeoEye

Posted by nowtoday on September 8, 2008

This weekend, in a partnership with the GeoEye Corporation, Google Inc. launched its very own imaging satellite, using a Boeing Defense Systems Delta II booster rocket.

The new satellite has a resolution of half a meter, and while it may not be able to read license plates like 0.10 meter resolution military-grade satellites, it will render the best quality of satellite imaging available so far to the public through Google Earth.

Google has so far used a number of sources as mapping material, such as aerial photos and commercial satellites such as the IKONOS, which offers a 1-4 meter imaging resolution. Aside from the poorer quality, the mapping method used so far also meant that some of the images were literally years out of date.

For more details , check the source here


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