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Hackers hack the LHC(Large Hadron Collider) computer

Posted by nowtoday on September 16, 2008

Hello !!

This is not a Hollywood movie scene neither in Die hard,Transformers nor something else.

Recently the computers at Large Hadron Collider have been hacked.This made me to write this article.Do the Hollywood movie made impacts on the hackers or do the hackers hacks makes the Hollywood movies to make movie on hacking concept ?

Whatever it may be,the result will obviously be a loss to the organization.Or may it be a state or a country.But with the recent rumors that the Big Bang experiment leads to disasters if it fails.Any have the experiment is a successful one.Of course the project leaders confirmed that there wont be any sort of side effects with this experiment .And the recent hacking of the LHC computers will make or ignite such rumors to it’s high.

The result of hacking didn’t make any loss.But in the near future,they should make sure that there wont be any sort of such hacking,which if happens leads to human disaster.

If it happens again,then we will have one more block buster Hollywood mega movie in hacking concept !

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