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Kyla Weber & Vince Vaughn

Posted by nowtoday on March 5, 2009

Hollywood star and comedian Vince Vaughn has given rise to rumors that he is few steps shy of getting serious with his girl friend and potential wife Kyla Weber since he has asked her to move in with him in Los Angeles.

I just saw this guys flick yesterday on cable with Jen Anniston. Now this 38 year old star has found some success in persuading his real estate agent girl friend from Calgary Kyla Weber to relocate to west coast.

This comes not long after Kayla Weber made a trip to Chicago to meet the funny actor’s parents.

From what I hear, Kyla can work anywhere so its not a problem for her to move to LA, California. But Kyla is more worried about not knowing any people and not having any friends but since Vince has no shortage of friends in LA, it would be an easy move to LA.

Is there some else you have been able to find out about this couple? What do you think of the pair. Write below.


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  1. nowtoday said

    their new rumors are around…..Click here

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